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Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker is a fairly easy game to play and is perfect for Poker novices and experts alike. Play begins when a player places their bet and clicks on the “Deal” button. They can then either keep or discard one or more of their cards in exchange for a new card. After the draw the software evaluates the hand and offers the player a payout if the hand matches one posted on the payout schedule. The main video poker variants are -

Jacks or Better :

When it comes to classic video poker gaming, Jacks or Better is the ultimate choice, featured in almost every internet casino.

The key feature of Jacks or better is the fact that the machine pays out evenly on a pair of jacks or for any higher value hand (no prizes for guessing where the game’s name comes from!).

Most Video Poker games are simply progressions of Jacks or Better, offering specific rewards for different types of hands.

Double Double Bonus:

Double Double Bonus (DDB) poker is by far the most popular video poker game. Its popularity stems from the extra bonus payoff that you get with four aces, 2s, 3s, or 4s accompanied with a “kicker” (a specific fifth card that is in the same hand as the four-of-a-kind)

On the surface, all of the extra payouts for various four of a kinds make Double/Double appear to be a much better game than Jacks or Better. However, when the loss of the double payout for two pair is factored in, Jacks or Better is actually the better paying game.

The reason the game is more volatile is because those juicy four of a kind jackpot hands containing aces through 4s with a kicker occur infrequently, at the expense of a reduced payoff for the more frequently hit two pair hands.

The basis of Deuces Wild is fairly simple. There are four 2′s in a standard deck of 52 cards. These four deuces are wild and can be used to substitute for any other card in order to complete a poker hand.

The objective is to finish the hand with a three of a kind or better in order to win any money back on your bet.


Deuces Wild Poker

In Deuces Wild Video Poker all Deuces (2 face card) are wild, meaning there’s four cards in the deck that are wild. You will find you need at least a Three of a Kind to receive a payout in this game. The payouts will be lower in this variation but since you will hit higher hands more often it balances out.

Deuces Joker Poker :

Deuces and Joker Poker is a single hand online video poker played with a standard deck of 53 playing cards instead of the normal 52 playing cards. The extra card, a joker represents a wild card meant to increase every player’s chances of winnings substantially. The deuces in the decks are also wild cards and are counted at a face value of two. Every time a player is dealt a Deuce, it is automatically assigned a denomination and suit. The Joker and Deuces are able to substitute all cards to complete a winning combination; giving online poker enthusiasts the highest possible payout.

Multi Hand Video Poker

Most casino software offer multi-hand versions of common video poker (often called Power pokers). In Multi-hand video poker player is dealt one 5-card poker hand and the player chooses which cards to hold. These cards are then automatically held on all hands and new cards are drawn to each hand. Multi-hand video pokers usually have a choice of 4, 10, 50 or 100 hands played simultaneously. Notice that you have to make a bet on each hand so for 10-play video poker with ÂŁ1.25 per hand the total bet is ÂŁ12.50. The house edge of multi-hand poker is exactly the same as single-hand version, if the pay table is same. Pay attention to the paytables as sometimes multi-hand video pokers have worse paytables than single-hand video pokers.

Playing video poker in multi-hand reduces the overall variance as some of the hands usually win. Also getting Royal Flushes is easier when a large number of hands is played at once. However there is a strong correlation between the starting hand (decision hand) and the end result. This means that a large part of the payout is in receiving pat (dealt) high-paying hands as these are multiplied to all other hands. Likewise getting dealt poor starting hands eats the bankroll away quickly.

Level Up Video Poker

Every time you launch the might of Level-up Poker, you get the chance to climb four progressive levels of video poker payouts, delivering bigger and bigger reward potential with every win!

What’s more, this awesome game features easy-play rules – simply win to progress to the next level! Striking consecutive wins and reaching level four can reward lucky gamers with 800% returns on their original bet! Naturally, hitting the big time is available to both lucky novice players, and serious skilled gamers alike.

With a cool Free Ride Feature and a secondary gamble feature worth up to 3200.00 – you can take the excitement and rewards two level higher!

Reel Play Poker

Combine the thrills of a video slot with the intrigue and skill of poker and this is what you get. Brand new from the Microgaming stable, Jacks or Better presents an exciting twist on a hugely popular format. With 20 paylines, the opportunities to make a winning hand come thick and fast, so roll up your sleeves, put on your poker face and take a seat!

From an initial deal, players can choose to hold any of the five reels then spin the remaining reels to make winning combinations. There are no Wild cards in the game but with so many lines available, the chances of a payout are always very good indeed.

Video Poker Strategy / Software

Video Poker has one of the best payouts of any casino game. But do you know how to play in order to maximize your chances of winning ? There are 2,598,960 possible hands and 32 ways of playing each.

Several video formats, including Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Bonus Video Poker are statistically structured to the players advantage when played according to optimal strategy. Each of these games in turn requires a different optimal strategy.

Various statisticians have compiled detailed payout tables for each of the different video poker formats. These tables provide statistics on odds on the best play for any possible video poker hand.

However, making use of optimal play tables can be difficult and frustrating for the majority of video poker players, as few will wish to check the tables every time they play a hand. That’s why many dedicated Video Poker players make use of various tools designed to assist players in implementing optimal video poker strategy

A VP Hand Analyzer helps players adopt optimal strategy when playing Video Poker’s most popular formats by analysing a players hand to determine the optimal choice among the 32 possible ways to play that hand.
BVS Video Poker (visit website)

Bvs feature 39 of the most popular poker variations, with customizable pay table for each game variation,statistical analysis for any hand you can play, as well as the ability
to quickly analyze any hand from all poker 39 variations and show all 32 play options in order of priority (best play first).For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Zamzow Software (visit website)

Available from the iphone app store winpoker features 31 video poker variants for practice play as well as providing poker hand analysis input.

Zamzow also have versions available for poket pc and windows which features 23 games and the ability to define/customize 10 new non wild card variants

As well as winpoker software Zamzow also sell good strategy card generation software – vp strategy master

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