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Online Slots

Microgaming Casino Software

Microgaming is without doubt the leading online slots software provider. The jackpots are consistently the largest, they release more games more frequently than any other software provider, and the graphics and features of their slots game are unmatched. There are around 160 Microgaming online slots games in total with more being added every month.

Mega Moolah is a 5 reel, 25 line video online slot machine featuring and unbelievable four progressive jackpot prizes – the biggest progressive online slots jackpot on the Microgaming progressive network.
Mega Moolah Mega progressive guarantees a win of at least 1,000,000

Burning Desire is a hot new 5-reel online slot that has no pay-lines, instead offering up to 243 ways to win! The Burning Desire online slot machine game presents a new and more exciting way to play, where instead of being constrained by the number of pay-lines, the player can generate more winning opportunities – up to 243 of them.

Playtech Casino Software

Playtech is widely known for exceptional game quality, excellent graphics, and the most frequently paying online progressive jackpots. Playtech online video slots lagged slightly behind their competitors for a while, but this was addressed through the release of a series of new 25 line video slots .

Beach Life is undoubtedly the most exciting online slot machine at PlayTech right now. Much due to the massive progressive jackpot – it’s worth almost $2 million at the time of writing. To win the jackpot you have to catch three Suns on the 20th pay line. Beach Life has 20 pay lines in total, and each pay line has a fixed $0.5 wager. To be eligible for the progressive jackpot, you have to play all of the lines, so you’ll need to bet $10 on each game. Besides the jackpot, this excellent online slot machine also offers bonus games and Wilds that produce big payouts.

X-Men is a fantastic 5-reel 25-line video online slot game with additional features including the Wild symbol, the Extra Wild symbols, the Scatter symbol, the X-Feature, the Free Games and the Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot.

Wagerlogic Casino Software

Wagerlogic casino's are very popular with online slot machine players. The Millionaires Club progressive slot game has made more millionaires that any other game online, the Rapid Fire Jackpots are an innovation, and the Marvel Comic here slots are mind blowing.

The jackpot is reset at $175 000, and the game has hit the $10 million mark a number of times!!

This slot comes in both a 3 reel 1 payline and 5 reel 9 payline version. You merely need to find a Spin a Million symbol on your reels to trigger the bonus round. Here, if the 3 arrows line up you win the progressive jackpot.

Wonder Woman™ is a 5-reel, 4-row, 50-payline video online slot machine game. This means there are five spinning reels from which to form your winning combinations. For every coin that you put in you enable another payline. When the reels stop, the computer checks the combinations of symbols along each enabled payline.

3D Slots

The fantastic world of video slots just got even better, thanks to 3D video slots. The original video slots are already brilliant with their great graphics, superb game play and exciting bonus games. But now that 3D is in the picture, 3D video slots will take you on a ride like you’ve never seen before. The symbols and characters in the 3D video slots games seem to come rolling off of your monitor. In fact, 3D video slots make the games jump out at you like you’re in the 3D theater. Look for fun images like symbols cascading all over the screen and exploding betting lines. 3D video slots are not only incredibly designed; they can also be interactive games with a storyline and cartoon-like animations. This leads to an entertaining gaming experience that can’t be beat! So, if you are a big fan of online video slots then you will absolutely love the next generation of 3D video slots. 3D video slots are thrilling, exciting and full of surprises.

Sheriff Gaming

Sheriff Gaming develops and licenses the most advanced animated 3D slots and table games available for the online gaming market. Sheriff Gaming’s 3D games provide superior options for online gamers.

Atlantis, a stunning underwater 3D animated slot game, will intrigue players immediately with a cinema quality animated film that introduces the famous deep sea explorer, Pierre Le Mer, and his search for the lost world of Atlantis.

find the hidden treasure… It will all be worth it once you enter the ancient pyramid… And unlock the secrets of the amazing Fortune of the Pharaohs!

Betsoft Gaming

Presented in stunning, true 3D cinematic animation produced to the exacting standards found in today’s animated feature films and console video games, BETSOFT GAMING boasts an extensive collection of over 150 games

Experience the excitement of the high seas with the Find the Treasure and Sea Battle Bonus Rounds!
30-lines promise dozens of ways to win

30-lines promise dozens of ways to win
Use explosive devices to blow up entire reels for 2X wild wins
Click me repeating wins, scatter pays and more keep the player excited throughout the entire game

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment software has recently experienced burgeoning popularity as its online casino game catalog grows to 150 titles and beyond. More commonly known as NetEnt, this software producer is early on the leader in 3D video slots, certain to be the next far-reaching innovation to visit the internet casino gaming world.

Replacing the traditional reel spin, the game introduces the Avalanche feature whereby symbols fall into place in the reels. Symbols that make up a winning bet line disappears in a 3D explosion and the gaps they leave are filled with more falling symbols. As long as there are winning bet lines, there are Avalanches. This extended game play and the Free Fall feature ensures an unforgetable player experience!

Robin Hood: Shifting Riches™ a 5 reel, 3 row, 20 bet line video slot with a maximum bet of €100 introducing the new Money Bag and Shifting Reels™ feature. The traditional spinning reels have been replaced with reels shifting to the right once a player hits a win on a bet line.

100 Line Slots

100 line slots offer players the maximum fun and entertainment and with so many possible pay lines in play on each spin you could be quids in when the reels start to spin you way.

The CashaPillar Slot game has a humongous 100 pay lines, the jackpot symbol on this slot game is the Caterpillar symbol. All wins on this slot pay left to right. This 100 line slot has a bonus game which triggers when you spin in 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere in view. You can play 100 line slots at microgaming casinos.

Other 100 Line slot games:
Arctic Fortune – A massive amount of pay lines and added entertainment and player appeal thanks to a Wild plus a Scatter symbols, plenty of Free Spins and a generous jackpot is on offer of some 1500 coins.

Lions Pride – This is a brand new 100 payline slot game and this also has Scatter symbols and a special Multiplier, for plenty of additional winning opportunities you can also trigger a Free Spins bonus round and also utilize a Gamble feature, the jackpot on this slot is 1250 coins.

Voila – A hot and funky multi line slot game that has recently been released by Microgaming, reel symbols include a Scatter, Bonus and a special Wild symbols, but the best parts of this slot have to be the Free Spins bonus rounds coupled with the fact is has an enormous base game jackpot of an impressive 10000 coins.

History of slots

Slot machines were invented in the late 1800′s by a man named Charles Fey. He created the first machine in the basement of his home. The machines didn’t become popular until years later when they were installed in Bugsy Siegel’s infamous Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fey’s first machine was not any more bulky or any cruder than modern day examples. Nor did its reels carry the fruit symbols common today. The standard playing card imagery was what we are all used to – hearts, diamonds, spades, bells, horseshoes and stars. The first slot machine was actually called the Liberty Bell, and can still be seen today in a collection at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

Nickel and quarter machines are by far the most popular, and account for about 85% of reel action in any given year. This popularity is followed by the dime boxes, then half dollar and silver dollar machines. You can now find machines that accept $5 bills, and some rather large progressive jackpot machines that take $100 bills!

A long-standing record of $65,093 was won in one slots pull on a one-dollar progressive at Harold’s Club in Reno in 1973. Quite recently (in 2001) a woman won over $1,000,000 in an Ontario, Canada casino. It’s worth noting the machine was a progressive that was $100 a pull. In addition to being the biggest revenue producer, our friendly one arm pals have also been the single biggest cause of police raids, legal indictments, and courts decisions over all other forms of gambling combined. Part of the problem is the manner of play. No other style of gambling creates such a hypnotic fascination!

How to Play

Because different machines have different requirements. it’s important to follow a few general checkpoints.

Before you play your first coin or credit, make sure you know what denomination you are playing.

Read the payback schedule to see if the jackpot is available only for maximum coins played. For instance, three jackpot symbols might pay 100 coins for one, 200 coins for two, but 1000 coins for three. (This kind of machine is termed a bonus multiplier. If all payoffs are proportionate–100 for 1, 200 for 2 and 300 for three–it’s simply a multiplier.)

On bonus multiplier machines, always play the maximum number of credits. On simple multiplier, you can choose to play any number of coins remembering that the more you play, the bigger the payoff when you hit something.

Some machines will payout on certain symbols only. Referred to as Buy A Pay machines, these pay on certain symbols only for specific number of coins or credits played. You might get two-for-one when you get a cherry but nothing when you hit three bars because for that combination, you need two coins.

If you’re playing a machine that has a progressive jackpot, to save your sanity, always play the maximum number of coins required to win it. There’s no gambling letdown as devastating as lining up all the jackpot symbols and getting only a tiny amount of money when, had you played those extra coins, you would have experienced a windfall.

If you choose multi-line machines, double check to see whether you have to play the maximum number of coins to win the jackpot.

Take your time. Playing slots isn’t a matter of speed. In fact, the faster you play, the faster you will lose if you don’t hit something. Play at a reasonable speed and enjoy yourself.

Don’t chase. If you begin to think you’ll never get even or win, stop. Choose another machine or quit for the day. If you lose have your bankroll, move down to a lower denomination. You can always move up after you’ve recovered your losses.

Don’t play more than you can afford to lose in one sitting. If you have $25 as a bankroll, you’d be wise to play the lowest denomination machine that requires the fewest coins per pull. This will allow your bankroll to stretch out over a longer period of time. If, however, you choose to play that $25 in quarters or higher, you’re likely to lose it very quickly.

Understand the psychology. A casino attracts a multitude of players. Overall, those players will leave some of their money behind. A few will take money out. The amount taken out by the winners is far and away offset by the amount left behind by winners. Players hit jackpots all the time and these jackpots come from the losses of others.

Cash out. Slot machines are a big gamble. When you get ahead, take the money.

Remember most of all to play responsibly, have fun, and take your good luck winnings to the bank.


The rules to slots are quite simple. You deposit coins (usually 1-4) and spin the reels. In a physical casino, you spin the reels by either pushing a button or yanking on a lever, whichever you prefer. In an online casino, you would use your mouse to click on the button or lever.

There are one or more horizontal lines across the window of the slot machine. If a certain combination falls on a horizontal line when the reels stop, you are a winner. Payouts vary by machine, and by the number of lines you choose to play.

Slots generally fall into two categories straight slots and progressive slots.

A straight slot will pay your winning combinations according to a predetermined schedule.

A progressive slot machine will pay you in a similar way unless you hit the progressive jackpot. When you hit the jackpot, you typically win a huge sum of money. In a progressive slot game, a percentage of each coin dropped in the slot machine is added to the jackpot. If no one hits a jackpot in a while, it can grow to be quite large. (Some pooled jackpots in Las Vegas go up to millions of dollars.)

It is this large progressive jackpot that is often times the main lure for many slot players. You may go a long while without making much money, but if you hit the big one, then you instantly win a horde of cash. It’s a pretty attractive proposition, and an irresistible one for the true gambler.


What’s a One Armed Bandit?

A one armed bandit is simply another name for a slot machine. Origin of the term: the single pull lever is the ‘one arm’, the fact that they used to be rigged to never win is the ‘bandit’.

What does the term Hold mean?

The Hold is the percentage of coins played that are kept by the machine, or the house. In the average case, it is between 3% to 15%.

Do slot machines have a pay and take cycle?

Many experienced people suggest that they do but it is not a black and white issue, there are many subtle areas between the pay and take cycle, machines do not just change from one mode to the other. If it is true, and I personally find it highly unlikely, then it is certainly not clear-cut. My own experience and observations seem to suggest that the machines are always in a take cycle, and every once in a while throw in a win. I don’t suggest relying on an assumed mode.

What is a Pay cycle?

A pay cycle is defined as a period of time following a minimum number of bets (or coin ‘takes’) during which the machine pays out coins in larger percentages. This cycle is supposedly programmed into the slots software to meet the minimum payout schedule as per State law.

What is a Take cycle?

The take cycle is the opposite of the pay cycle. If you believe in the pay/take theory, then you might be inclined to assume that a pay cycle is followed by a take cycle, whereby you may get the odd small return, but essentially slots take all of the time. If there were pay/take cycles it would only truly be beneficial if you could increase your wager dramatically at any point in time.

What is the Payline?

Most slots have a single (or multiple) horizontal line at the middle of the visible playing section. If a proper combination falls on that line, you get paid. Hence, this line is the payline.

What are Reels?

The reels of a slot machine are the cylindrical spinning pieces around which all of the symbols are displayed. Most slot machines usually have three reels but sometimes you will find a two reel, or four reel or even higher. The more reels in the machine, the more permutations or possible combinations are able to hit the payline. This means, in a multiple reel machine with a single jackpot line (to hit it big you need to get just the right combo), your chances of hitting that combo are slimmer than normal.

What are Symbols?

The symbols are graphics, pictures, images, or icons that are spread around the reels. They can be cherries, lemons, bars, oranges – any one of many simple recognizable images. Originally, Fay’s first machine featured Liberty Bells, and our common card symbols such as hearts and spades.


Understand what you are playing. This is very important, be sure to always read the payable of the machine you are playing so that you know what you are looking for. On some slots connected to jackpots you have to bet maximum coins / credits and get the winning symbols to collect the jackpot. There’s nothing worse than getting the jackpot symbols and realizing that for one dollar more you would have won $100,000 instead of $1000.

The same goes for slots that offer free spins or bonus features; if you understand what you need to get you won’t walk away only a few spins from getting them. Understanding what you’re playing can greatly increase the enjoyment.

The Up / Down Method

This strategy is good for all slots but is not an advised method of play on progressives. Instead of betting the same amount of coins / credits for every spin, change your bet for each spin. For example, bet 1 coin, 2 coins, 3 coins, 2 coins and so on. On a 1 cent slot with 20 paylines, playing all paylines you would bet 20, 100, 200, 400, 500, 400, 200 and so on. This Up / Down Method gives you the chance of getting the higher win multiplier without using too much money. If you are lucky you will hit winning paylines when you are on the higher bets. This strategy is great for machines that offer free spins or bonus round because you can get free spins at a higher bet level than you would usually play.

Not playing all paylines

This strategy is good for all slots with multiple paylines. Instead of betting on all paylines bet bigger on just a few lines. This way for a slightly bigger bet you can receive bigger wins. The only problem with this strategy is that you could also miss out on winning paylines but remember you would have won less anyway. This strategy can be a great way of stretching you gambling money further while still having the chance of the big win.

Slot Types

Although the basis of any slot machine (insert money, spin a wheel and win/lose) is alike for all slot machines, there are a number of different versions available to entice the different desires of individuals the world over.

As well, some games have been slightly altered to accommodate with the laws that may be in place in some areas. These differences are typically found in the way the operators must pay out the winners and the portion that they are allowed to keep.

In order to find a machine that is suitable and enticing to you, the following is an outline of different slot games that you will normally find in a land or online casino.

Progressive Jackpot Slots
A very popular type of slot with the biggest jackpots, progressives are number of machines running in a single network that uses a portion of the money inserted to continuously builds a jackpot until it is won. For a more extensive look into progressive jackpot machines check out the progressive slot machines link on this website.

Multiple Pay-Line
These slot machines have more than one pay-line. The most common of these machines have three pay lines; one in the middle of the screen, one on top of it and one below it. If you spin a winning combination that lands directly on any of these lines you might win. The twist is, is that you can only activate all three lines if you insert the maximum number of coins into the machine. So if you insert only one or two coins (on a three coin max, three line machine) and you hit a winning combo on the top line, you may not win anything. But if you had entered three coins, no matter which line you hit, you will win. As you can see, the advantage to playing a machine like this is that you have more chances at winning, but remember, this is only the case if you play the maximum amount of coins. Microgaming feature 40 payline slots which provide more winning combinations, generally have larget jackpots, and are in most cases the most advanced slots games online.

Multiplier Slots
This type of slot machine is very common in any casino. On these machines, the payout changes depending on the number of coins you have played. For example, if you hit a combination that pays out $20 and you’ve inserted one coin, you will win $20. But if you had inserted 2 coins before you spun the wheel you would’ve won $40 (2 coins times $20 payout) or $60 if your initial bet was 3 coins.

Bonus Multiplier Slots
This type of machine runs similarly to multiplier machines, but when the maximum number of coins is inserted and you hit a combination an extra bonus is added. For example, By inserting one coin you win $100, 2 coins you win $200, but if you’ve inserted 3 coins (the max) you win $500.

After reviewing these different types of machines you are ready to hit the slots, just be sure to read the machines payout schedule and know what type of game you are about to play.

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