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TOM’s Casino is an homage to Touko Laaksonen (Finnish, 1920–1991), a.k.a. Tom of Finland. Tom of Finland is widely regarded as the foremost gay male erotic artist of our time. In the years following World War II his images had a tremendous influence on emerging notions of human sexuality in general, and masculinity in particular. His work presents affirmative images that have been accepted as positive role models for multiple generations and Tom of Finland Foundation carries on his legacy today (

TOM’s Casino, a product of Lunas Entertainment Ltd, is supportive of Tom of Finland Foundation, and a portion of the casino’s proceeds will go to assisting in furthering its goals. The Foundation’s collection holds the world’s largest repository of erotic art, including a permanent collection of 1,500 original works by Tom of Finland, 2,000 works by other artists and archives of more than 100,000 images, documents and other pieces of art, all needing maintenance, some needing restoration

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